Monsoon, Coffee, Malayalee…

Malabar 2 (2)

“Love to spend a rainy evening over a hot coffee…”
All most all the coffee enthusiasts would love to have this as their status on their social platforms. When arrive together, Rain and Coffee always have some kind of soothing or relaxing effect on a tired or troubled mind. Psychologists will put it simple as rain soothes mind and coffee refreshes the body.
What reminds me of this coffee-rain connection is the Economic Times article on Monsooned Malabar Coffee. ( It says the ‘Monsooned Malabar’ coffee – a distinguished premium variety from the Mangalore coast is a much sought after variant across Europe. Its special taste and aroma, quite milder than fresh coffee, is made by exposing the coffee beans to moisture and wind through a nine month long process. The unique flavour is developed in the coffee beans from Malabar Coast only, which is from Mangalore (Karnataka) to Kannur (Kerala).
It’s Monsoon time in Kerala now. A lot of travelers are coming to the state to exploit the Monsoon moods. It is one of Kerala’s unique products which do well in the market. When Rain and Foreigners are pouring into the State together, what would be the typical Malayalee (Keralite) doing? Sitting back on an easy chair, enjoying a hot coffee?
Try Monsooned Malabar this time, for a change



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