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Musings on the Newest fools Day

April Fool Background Pictures HDThat day of the year when we are at our cautious best is here. Alert from the moment that alarm rings wake you up and going through the motion of double checking that the time displayed is of  global standard ( that is, if you are unfortunate enough to share your living space with a notorious prankster) we watch our every step to assure ourselves that no, we are not the victims today, not yet! All this trouble to keep our dignity intact and it is quite disheartening to see that at the end of the day, we failed miserably to do exactly that.

I am not referring to the drool-worthy brilliant pranks that some still manage to execute. No, may I call your attention to the other sort where no one would pop out from behind the curtains and scream ‘April Fool!’? This kind would manage to make you and me award-winning fools (if there is such a category) and leave us wanting for more, oblivious to the absurdity which we have signed up for.

When you come to think of it, how thick can we get? Doesn’t these everyday actions vouch for our non-existent sensibility? Jumping into the wagon each time and bringing home the newest-and-most-advanced-range-of face creams that is sure to have eradicated the whole pointless atrocity of racism if only they launched the product a few decades back? Or the hair oil and shampoos that will transform every bald head into a fertile ground of thick, luscious hair? Or the tablets that will vanish those extra pounds from your body (they swear that it works this time)? Or that wonderful (if it were only true) scheme that doubles and triples your investment? Or that person from heaven-knows-where who is the reincarnation of our favorite deity? Be it the trendiest political ideology or that juicy bit of gossip that someone forwarded, don’t we love that high one gets  when we fall for all this hoping against hope that this time it might be true? And who needs an exclusive fool’s day with silly tricks and childish pranks when you have master brains working all year every year developing those amazing ideas that can make everyone a fool?

True, true, all true we fear. I fall for this and so do you. Again and yet again. Come on, be a good sport! Who doesn’t like a good joke, huh?