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The 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite to redefine user experience


Amazon launched its 6th generation new advanced Kindle Paperwhite with state of the art features targeted at enhancing the use experience. Weighing only 206 grams, the new Kindle Paperwhite offers customers a vast collection of books at high-quality display technology, all-new reading features, faster speed, and a stronger battery backup. The Wi-Fi enabled Kindle Paperwhite is priced at Rs. 10,999 while the Wi-Fi + 3G version is priced at Rs. 13,999.

Kindle has been the best-selling e-reader in the world for the last six years, and the advanced model packs better features into the device, further improving user experience. The features of the new Kindle Paperwhite make it a great learning tool for kids, a traveler’s best companion and a book-lovers in-house library, the New Kindle Paperwhite offers all that a reader would want in an e-reader.

Key features include New display technology with higher contrast, Next generation built-in light, New, 25% faster processor, New touch technology, New Kindle Page Flip, Share with Friends on Goodreads, New In-line Footnotes, Cloud Collections and New Kindle Free Time.

The new Kindle Paperwhite still includes some of the old features like:

–          Reads like real paper—No-glare display for perfect reading, even in bright sunlight.

–          8 weeks of battery life—Read for weeks, not hours, on a single charge.

–          Weighs just 206 grams —Hold comfortably in one hand for long reading sessions.

–          Built-in Wi-Fi and free 3G— download books anytime, anywhere, no hunting or paying for Wi-Fi hotspots, no monthly charges, no data plan required.

–          Massive Selection—The India Kindle Store offers over 2 million books priced in Indian Rupees.

–          Kindle exclusives—over 450,000 titles that are exclusive to the Kindle Store.

–          Lowest book prices— Indian customers will also enjoy over 250,000 books priced ₹99 or less and over 1 million priced ₹299 or less.

–          Parental Controls—Parental Controls allow parents to restrict access to the Kindle Store, Cloud Archive and the Experimental Web Browser so they can give their Kindle to a child worry-free.


Paloma Noyola: The Next Steve Jobs?

cover_2111_best5Mexico has found a new heroine: A 12-year-old math whiz from a state plagued by drug violence who was dubbed ‘The Next Steve Jobs’ by US magazine Wired. The youngest of eight children from a modest family, Paloma Noyola was thrown under the media spotlight since Wired magazine featured her on its cover two weeks ago.

She has appeared in national newspapers and on cable news, redubbed ‘La Nina Jobs’ — ‘The Jobs Girl’ — with photographers and cameramen chasing the girl nicknamed after Apple’s late founder.

Last year, the girl whose school lies next to a dump across the US border wowed the country when she scored the maximum 921 in the national standardized exam, the best in Mexico. Her father died of lung cancer last year and her family earns an income from selling scrap metal and food in Matamoros, a city tormented for years by a turf war between the Zetas and Gulf drug cartels.

While Noyola made the cover of Wired, it was her teacher’s radical methods that featured prominently in the magazine’s story. Sergio Juarez Correa, 32, saw his entire class’s Spanish and math scores dramatically improve after he implemented a new approach, allowing students to tap into their own curiosity and self-learning to solve problems.

Juarez Correa took inspiration from the ‘minimally invasive education’ concept of Sugata Mitra, a professor of educational technology at Britain’s Newcastle University. While Noyola garnered attention for acing the national exam last year, nine other students scored more than 900 in the math test.

The school is located in a ‘punishment zone’ for education, dubbed that way because no professor wants to be there due to the high level of crime and dismal infrastructure. The school lacks basic services such as running water, drainage or a telephone line — an all-too-common problem in Mexican classrooms.

‘If Paloma had the same opportunities or open doors as Steve Jobs, she probably would be a genius in this subject,’ says Juarez.

Please read the complete story appeared on Wired here: