Conversation Prism: Not Just a Flamboyant Poster


When one sees the colourful poster given here with, it is quite natural to remind about the theory of refraction of light which was taught in one of those old physics classes. The vibrant VIBGYOR colours still fascinates every one. So does the social media.

When Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas decided to come out with an info-graphic representation, showing all the vibrancy of social conversations, they named it as Conversation Prism. They conceived the white light entering the prism as the focused stream of conversations that are often grouped, but not separated by voice, context, source, or outcome. Theytookthe beam of conversation and blast it into a spectrum of discernible vivid light.

Conversations across networks were passed through the prism and got refracted. Each shade of color represents an entirely unique reflection of light, meaning separating context and intention by network. But, as the social web grew, the refracted light got shaped into a circle to help people understand that the days of one audience, one voice, one story were over. Now conversations take place in communities, obviously far beyond Facebook and Twitter.

The first version came out in August 2008 and the target was to provide a visual representation of the true expansiveness of the Social Media and the conversations that define it. It mapped the then social media spectrum completely. The social media landscape has been evolving all the time as several platforms expired and several others sprout up. Conversation Prism also has changed with it. Hence Conversation Prism entered its fourth edition, earlier this month.

And why should one resort to this clourful collage? Certainly it’s a piece of art but it work more as a motivational tool for the social media strategists. It will always remind your team that social media is beyond Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It familiarizes the wide horizons of social media world. It has become an international symbol of organizing the massive social media landscape into different categories.

In the latest version of the Conversation Prism 122 services removed from the chart and 111 services has been added. It reflects the current changes in the social media environment.Physical posters and digital downloads of version 4.0 of Conversation Prism are available at the Conversation Prism website ( )Image


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