Generating Tech Smart Seniors

_MG_9219Nobody teaches a toddler how to use a phone today, they grow accustomed to it. Born into the lap of technological advancements, today’s generation has befriended technology. As humans and technology work hard to make each other smarter every second, we might miss out those who were born a little before this rapidly growing technology.

‘Smart Seniors’ a social initiative by ResPublica Consulting conducts classes across Kochi with the aim of empowering the aged with smartphones. As the demand for it increases in the city and media across the globe has reached out with queries, the team has decided to expand their area of action. The expert panel of ResPublica Consulting conducts the sessions with a set module. Training is provided for the basic functions like text messaging to advanced functions like paying bills online, booking an online taxi and using social media platforms.

“Is Uber available on this phone?”.  “Does Whatsapp facilitate video-calling?”. “Can I see my grandchild through this?”. “Is it true that electricity bills can be paid through mobile phones? Can you teach me how?”. “How do I schedule an Uber ride for tomorrow?”. “How do I create a Whatsapp group?”. The doubts seem never-ending but if taught with a little patience, it could make their life easier and independent.

The aged might have all access to these technologies; they might own the latest smartphone with advanced features as well. Nevertheless, most of them use their phones merely to place calls and to attend them. With little technological assistance to help them stay connected with their friends and family, life after the retirement of these seniors could be definitely made more joyful.


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