The Age of Utter Transparency


If everything were transparent, PR would be a dead art. Though public relations deifies transparency and truth, it is a hard- hitting fact that PR professionals would have to switch careers if all their clients became oh-so-honest. Transparency is more of a principle than a tactic in PR. And most clients tend to forget this basic rule of thumb, quite frequently.

Let us take into consideration the grey area called reputation management; a branch of PR that has broken off and flourished of its own accord. We have come to accept cover ups and crises management strategies as part of ‘effective image building’. even when complete disclosure is inevitable and threatens to bring any reputation toppling down, there is a tendency to downplay the same and portray the company as a victim of circumstances instead.

Even in- house communication tends to be a exaggerated and flattering at times. While employees know the show behind the curtains, employers simply turn a blind eye towards the obvious and try to make it as unimportant as possible. Picketing and employee strikes are often the results of failed talks between both parties. Open forums are seen as an opportunity for grievance redressal by employees and as a crisis by the management, instead of a feedback platform that can help bring about mutual understanding if both parties are willing to cooperate.

With Wiki Leaks and every bit of possible information easily available on the Internet honesty has become a mandatory characteristic of corporate communication. Even though the possibility of ‘lies’ cannot be ruled out PR personnel struggle to keep afloat the notion that their client and company is 100% believable, trustworthy, accredited and a lot more; the simple reason being that the audiences can easily find any skeletons if they wish to.


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2 thoughts on “The Age of Utter Transparency

  1. The rage of utter limpide March 12, 2013 at 11:33 am Reply

    If everything was transparent, life would been a subtle flow of perceptions, all opaque. To be where the universe itself is in a paradox about everything right from it’s existence to infinite shades of queries clinging on to mere lines of interference what they term as the system. Now, everything from conspiracy theories to zeitgeist movements has always been left to the race which itself is in deep contradictory trips on and off about it’s own inception.

    Living a mere life starting from your forming into an embryo to one who perishes along with the dirt, he expects transparency in each and everything. But then, as time elapses, it shows in his eyes too. it takes a great deal of tolerance to get in terms with the acceptance factor that one’s transparency is another’s humiliation. Again, problem with the perception box? Not really. Transparency was never a word just jumbled up with alphabets to sound convincing enough for those who expects it to be a term, to be shot into the empty space every time shouting aloud that they need it every time when they’re all clueless. Transparency is never like looking through a clean pair of glasses to the other side of the road. It can even be an intellectual one.
    Any corporate comes to existence by incorporating lies which can be termed convenient for them. Now who finds it inconvenient are the ones who keeps complaining about the amount of transparency they wish to see in the opaque world of false notions filled with lust for being judgmental. So, corporate communication itself fails to behold the wold as one and it’ll still try holding it together more vigorously every time when one asks for transparency. Julian Assange himself pushing himself to all limits of utter transparency has still not hit a trillion heads even now cause if then, it would’ve never been about fining skeletons in. May be getting’em out.

  2. Anonymous April 1, 2013 at 9:26 am Reply

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