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Lawyer turns ‘Chaiwalli’


Youngsters are more attracted to being entrepreneurs. Despite being professionally qualified they try to brand themselves with out of the box thoughts and ventures. In this scenario, coffee shops and cafes are their major grips and they do nail it with enthusiasm and brand recognition. Major irony to this sort of startup is, Why Coffee? Why Not Tea.   We are familiar with the age-old concept of small tea stalls and local tea vendors which used to be best publicity platform as well as news agents covering a small area but to a huge population. But things are changing; from villages to metro cities, the concept of tea and tea vendors have changed. People gather in the present-day coffee shops to chill and enjoy evenings rather than to enjoy the coffee delicacies.

Of all the stereotypes of brewing coffee to an entrepreneur, Uppma Virdi breaks the norms and becomes the Chai Walli. 26-year-old Uppma was selected businesswoman of the Year at the 2016 Indian Australian Business and Community Awards (IABCA) organised in Sydney recently through her own company Chai Walli.  She made her mark in making the best tea from younger age and now runs her own business with various products of tea, she being herself the “Chai Walli”.  She took her roots for the cause of her success. Being an Indian Australian Lawyer, she started the firm to serve the best tea to the Indian population in Australia. Her tea takes people to the essence and roots of Indian culture and tradition. Branding herself as the ‘Chai Walli’ she had killed the cliché of branding with western vocabularies. Also the major mocking term had gone to a branding.

It is interesting to note that Young entrepreneurs like Uppma Virdi do make a huge change in the cliché thoughts. In a society like ours, when people are running behind degrees and qualifications to work as an employee; young entrepreneurs do stand out. They turn to business personalities turning themselves into a brand along with their professional qualifications. This is also a renaissance we are undergoing, which breaks the stereotypes of white collar jobs and changes the perspective towards small vendors.

Transforming to metro life and city cultures and being a city itself, we can also learn from this young business woman. As the coffee culture is wide-spread and luxurious tea stops are sprouting, new thought and ventures would be welcomed without much pain. People are willing to explore new food spots and enhance their taste buds with new flavors. It is more cool and stylish to be ethnic and traditional among startups in the food world. This is evident from the major food hubs in and around the cities around the state. So it is of no doubt that if one Chai Walli nails it in Australia, there would be more branding with such day-to-day life influencers everywhere. This could lead to a new revolution which is already evident in our cities.  Taking inspiration from our traditions can bring in a lot of difference.