Couple drives all the way from Kerala to Holland – Tie their knot ‘en-route

9506161_1456564348-4362Life is always unpredictable. For some people, life is meant for adventures, Passion, and dedication and thrill to make their dream real and amazing. A Road trip from Kerala to Holland covering 13,500Kms sounds crazy for most of us. But when I heard about this adventures couple Joerik and Pauline, I really felt amazed and proud for these lovely pair. Hailing from Netherlands they travelled all the way from Kerala to Holland in an ordinary van.

They had many options to choose for their journey from Kerala the southernmost state in India to Holland. Checking out the craziest choices available, the couple finally decided for a road trip. It wasn’t an attempt to create records, but it was a journey to make an awesome book of memories which the couple wanted to cherish forever. It was a journey to travel to their hearts content and earn experience of a lifetime.

Joerik and Pauline, who had been travelling for over six months decided to make India a long stopover and took a relaxing break in an Asharam in Kerala. It was during this break that they decided to return to Holland with their travel companion a 2004 model Mahindra Maxi Van. They never hesitated and were super excited to make it possible. The planning procedure started in parallel to their awesome trip as they gave away few hours of each day for some research online.

They took all the details that could give them sound knowledge on buying a car, visa and to plan the route. They also spent time for collecting the necessities like gas stoves, bed linen, pots, and pans and also worked on crowd funding, Facebook page, logo etc. Travelling is a way of rejuvenating for some, for others it’s a lifestyle. I have come across lots of people who toil hard all their lives, save penny by penny and secure their lives post their retirement life.

But there are people like these young couples who live life at the fullest like there’s no tomorrow. Joerik and Pauline crossed all the hurdles and enjoyed the beautiful climate, places they visited, their lifestyle, food and went into the nook and corners of the different nations for a total of seven months. Some people follow their dreams and prove that life could be lived to the fullest with adventure and passion. Joerick and Pauline is a true inspiration to the travelers across the world.


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