Dove’s ‘Peek-a-Boo’ to Customers who had Stopped Thinking Themselves Beautiful

What is the commonest factor across all bathing soap commercials? Definitely all of them will feature a beautiful girl and speak about beauty and only beauty. Rare exceptions are there: Sharukh Khan had appeared in Lux commercial. But there also the talk point is beauty and fairness. All the commercials speak the same thing and offer magical remedies, though everyone know truth is otherwise!!

Off late I bumped across an ad that is uniquely different, a commercial that speaks about the beauty inside. And it uses Rose Murphey’s ever nostalgic ‘Peek-a-boo’; the song has been used brilliantly to reach out to the customers who had stopped thinking themselves beautiful. Watch it here:

The commercial brings out the inner love one has for oneself. It tempts one to think again to be beautiful. The perfect integration of a beautiful song and some ideal visuals brings out one of the finest commercials of recent times. The song’s beauty, love and warmth are transcended into the customers to illustrate the magic of communication.

Rose Murphy (1913-1989) was one of the well known US pianist and vocalist in the last century. She was known as “the chee chee girl” thanks to her habit of regularly singing the phrase “chee chee” in many of her numbers. She enjoyed very good popularity as singer in both US and UK. She was also known as ‘The Girl with the Pale Pink Voice’. Her most famous number, ‘Busy Line’ was used by British Telecom in one of their television commercials in 1990 and it was a huge success then, looks the new Dove commercial also going to win hearts globally.Image


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