Turning tables in the Education Sector


The hangover of a colonial past is probably what attracts Indians towards all things “phoren”. Or maybe it genuinely has something to do with the quality and rapid development in the field of education abroad. There is never a satisfactory answer to the conundrum of the student body mass migration to other lands when India boasts of Universities with world- class infrastructure all over the country. Whatever it may be,things have definitely started looking up for the Republic’s student body.

Countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more have flooded the education market with ads and offers to somehow woo Indian students to experience the platter of degrees and diplomas their institutes have to offer. In recent times there has been a neat change of affairs that have turned the tables in India’s favour. The Times of India has reported that the SCMS Group of Educational Institutions, centred in Kochi would be opening a business school in London by the next month.The group is investing 10 crore to set up the SCMS London School of Business affiliated to the University of Salford, Manchester. Aimed at attracting an international student body, the School will be led by John Ryan, a former fellow of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

SCMS has brought on an innovative idea and is a definite harbinger and inspiration for many more such ventures in the near future. Sounds like brighter times assured for aspiring Indian scholars!


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