ImageNow there came something my generation could relate with, the leaps and bounds of the great kingdom called “www”. I was going to learn social media organizing in detail. A brand image could be enhanced by deceptively simple devices such as a Facebook page or a Twitter handle.  The great audiences of the cyber world were going to be listening just as intently as a client’s various publics in the real world. As days passed by, I would slowly learn to build a strong online presence for clients and find out the vitality it had in getting the interest of those who had a gamut of possibilities at a click.

Earning such loyalties becomes a lucid task with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and other social networking sites, along with online blogs can be used to ensure maximum reach and commendably quick channels for feedback.

I was slowly learning that the only thing stronger than a good idea was a well enunciated one. If form and content have to reach the audience in the intended manner, then experience is a prerequisite. In the conversations called markets; Respublicans were progressive envoys who could script a client’s dialogs to perfection. Flawless content delivered with punch-be it writing releases, adapting content to suit the tastes of various publics or to create copy-helps the publics read your story in the way you had envisioned. Knowing the Kerala players, understanding them thoroughly and possessing a subliminal perception of what would reach out to various strata of audiences requires the strength of years of pioneer expertise.

The apprentice thus sat under the great tree of PR knowledge waiting for such flair to fall down and enlighten her. Any day now!

Reading around twenty-two newspapers a day, including national and regional dailies ought to account for something, I thought. Simply scanning and monitoring pages to scout out any mention of clients and their competitors was a pretty easy task. The truth is that it is fundamental to synergize two extremely different actions to produce proper public relations. If I was looking for clever feedback I was going to have to keep tabs on the various publics and gauge the dependability of my own means and maneuvers that I was using to reach out and communicate. (Mommy’s advice kept ringing out loud; What You Give is What You Get!).


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