David Cameron and the Great Kerala Fish Curry


“My wife makes fantastic Kerala fish curry. Sadly I’m not going to Kerala this time but maybe next time. That’s what I’d like to have it as it is made in Kerala and see if it compares with my wife’s…” – David Cameron, British PM

The apt reaction of any Keralite to that quote would be nothing short of punching the air and going “Woohoo!!

The mouth-watering aroma of red chilli powder and tempered mustard seeds, melt-in-the-mouth pieces of fish and the rich red gravy of a traditional Kerala fish curry is an experience parallel to none other. When UK’s premier citizen makes such a specific remark about the quintessential Malayali fish curry, it is surely time to bring out the confetti, celebrate and show off.

Mr. Cameron found it befitting to visit the country’s largest consumer products firm, the Indian unit of Anglo-Dutch company-Unilever on only his second visit to a land his predecessors ruled in the Republic’s colonial past. His speech was filled with diplomacy and shrewd dodging to avoid any favoritism that might slip through. And yet, the humble fish curry had a field day, basking in the glory of being a regular dish in the British PM’s household. Funnily enough, he wasn’t even close to Kerala territory!

International political/ business figures have been known to make such famous remarks about the varied culinary experiences that only Kerala can provide. A curry is more than a piece of fish in a dish or some fluffy white rice on a banana leaf. It is all about the holistic art of preparing it, right from the cook’s innate knowledge of the right number of pinches of salt and the right size of shredded curry leaves.

This article reminded me of another time, when I tasted a truly delicious “meen” (fish) curry at a household that is quite renowned for the experience of Kerala cuisine it seeks to provide foreign tourists with. With a lush green ambiance and a typical Malayali upbeat attitude to cooking fish and many more Kerala culinary classics, the Pepper Trails home is a one stop solution to embark on the adventure that is Kerala cuisine.

pt logo

On more than one occasion, a foodie traveler can’t stop with a single serving of the legendary “Meen Pollichathu“, a seafood dish ranked higher than Tangdi Kabab all over the world!

To know more about this culinary tourism venture and to explore a recipe or two, visit the Pepper Trails website at http://peppertrails.com/ or the Pepper Trails blog at http://peppertrails.blogspot.in/


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