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Considered the “ultimate brain spa” by many, the INK (Innovation and Knowledge) Conference aims to provide young thought leaders, a platform to share their ideas and also bring to the forefront, a new generation of role models who will inspire others into innovation and action. When listening to different ideas from people from different backgrounds the INK talks inspire innovative thinking and aim to showcase ideas that can can provide solutions to a wide cross- section of people.

In the past years, INK has boasted of various notable speakers with incredibly diverse talents to their names such as French perfumer Yann Vasnier, Indian actor-singer- composer Shruti Hassan, Jamaican poet- monodramatist- educator D’bi Young Anitafrika, New York based grapphic designer- typographer Stefan Sagmeister, Chief Engineer for Mars Science Laboratory Robert Manning, former Indian cricketer V. V. S. Laxman, American cartoonist- animator Matt Groening, Indian doctor- social activist- welfare worker and Magsaysay Award winner Dr. Prakash Amte, Autodesk thought leader Tom Wujec, technology entrepreneur Nam Do and many more.

INK is the brainchild of Lakshmi Pratury, co- founder of Ixoraa Media. She attended a TED conference and then worked with TED, organising conferences in the U.S. through her company which she co-founded in 2005 with Anu Sethuram. Seeing the potential of these events, she planned to host one such event in India. The conference is a for- profit venture that derives revenue from sponsorships, corporate events and conference fees. Pratury serves as the curator of the conference and oversees the content of the events. Finding the right venue that is neither too crowded nor inaccessible, getting audiences to pay the conference fees, stimulating the people involved and increasing the outreach of the program are some of the multifarious challenges Pratury, Sethuram and the Ixoraa team tackle throughout the year.

The INK Conference 2013 will be held at Kochi, October 25- 27. Be a part of the genius committee at


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