Musings on Frugal Marketing…

jessie paul“The right time to engage in marketing is now. Preferably when your company is healthy. Not when you are fighting for survival. But it is never too late.
When I don’t have money, I can invest time instead, but I will never ever stop investing in marketing.”- Jessie Paul

If the marketer does not know what his/ her company is good at, then the whole purpose of marketing falls flat. Constructing a holistic marketing strategy for your company is something only you can do.  Unless there is a 360 inherent understanding of the environment, the company might not get the desired push into the public eye.

This is when certain mantras by Jessie Paul can be put into application. She is the founder and managing director of Paul Writer, a marketing advisory firm that works with clients in the B2B services and technology space. She has also worked as the chief marketing officer at Wipro’s IT business and as a global brand manager at Infosys. She highlights the golden rule that money is not necessarily the only element worth investing. Investing time along with some coordinated team effort can help even large companies market themselves much more effectively compared to a large cash flow and small impact. An impressive application of brains over brawn indeed.

Follow the link below to see why Jessie Paul believes frugal marketing can do wonders:

To reach Jessie Paul and her organization Paul Writer, visit:


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