Piyush Pandey: How to don several feathers in several hats!

Ranji Trophy cricketer, tea taster, award- winning ad director and plenty other laurels rest lightly on his shoulders. The famous booming laughter and warmth cuts a quick route to any Indian’s heart as one watches any of his many successful ad films. The smile never fades under the signature handle-bar mustache of Piyush Pandey, a man whose friends call him a walking, talking bundle of humor, happiness and humility.

His inherent simplicity and commitment to clients and their projects can be seen through some of the country’s best ad campaigns such as Vodafone, Kinetic Luna, Asian Paints, Fevicol and Cadbury. The four-page long supplementary in Brand Equity brought out by the Economic Times is definitely a fitting tribute. His passion and devotion to his trade as Executive Chairman and National Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather is exemplary; probably why the tables turned so pleasantly with Vodafone, Fevicol, Cadbury and Asian Paints publishing ads of gratitude to him!


From the Brand Equity advertorial by The Economic Times


A big thank you from Vodafone,…






     and Asian Paints!

Hats off from Team ResPublica to the Minister of Fun at O & M!

One thought on “Piyush Pandey: How to don several feathers in several hats!

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