“An ounce of practice”

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching…”

-Mahatma Gandhi

During the next few days I put to practice everything I had been observing such as scouting for relevant news about clients, arranging them in a pre-designed format, scanning and making coverage dockets. I also had a chance to do translations, which was not an easy task initially; however I got the hang of it towards the last few press clippings. I was given a task by Saji Sir to make a press release for Pepper Trails, which is a tourism venture that focuses on culinary tourism and promotion of Kerala culture for inbound travelers.

As a boss, Saji Sir has been very thoughtful and considerate in terms of helping me produce a decent final report for my Internship.  He gives me an opportunity to work with extra press releases, media plans, presentation slides etc., so that I can showcase the work I did during my internship, which would definitely earn me more scores in my course.

It’s a totally different world from what I had imagined and I’m looking forward to the rest of the tasks coming my way.


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