Daniel J. Edelman (1920-2013): Farewell to a veteran


The shoes some men leave behind are very hard to fill. The lessons they teach through an entire lifetime become legends as time goes by. One man’s brainchild brought the world’s attention to Colonel Sanders, Orville Redenbacher, Starbucks, Kraft and more. The same man built an eponymous empire that is now spread across the world through more than 65 global offices.

His pioneering efforts have made vast contributions to both theory and practice in the public relations sector. He helped change the role of professionals in the field from simply being mediators to respected advisors. He is also credited with introducing new methodologies in his time that are now standard protocol for any PR person.

At ResPublica we salute the spirit of Daniel J. Edelman, founder of one of the world’s largest public relations firms and pay our condolences to the family. As he continues to inspire us through a lifetime of modesty, grit and healthy competition, we strive to live up to the ideals and principles he lived by.

Our deepest respect. Rest in Peace.


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